Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh what fun it is to be ONE!!

Hard to believe, but at 8:55am on December 3rd, Everly Mae was ONE YEAR OLD! What at joy she is! We are so blessed to be able to call her our daughter.

This has been an eventful week for us. For starters, we got a Christmas Tree! Everly is a very big fan of the lights and was a big helper in picking the ornaments up and putting them on the tree.

She even made sure to give them a kiss and wish them safe keeping for while they're on the tree.

Then later in the week Daddy got his bass guitar out and the two of them had a jam session. Everly loves dancing around and drumming on things whenever there's music to be heard. I like the picture that looks like she’s singing along :)

Another thing this week…a little someone started talking on the phone! Everly would hold it up to her ear and we’d say ‘hello’ and she’d start jabbering away. Too cute! In these pictures it looks like she’s tending to very some important business…maybe it’s her agent :)

And finally, Friday was her birthday! Dustin took the day off so we could all spend some time together on this momentous occasion. We even got to meet up with Grandpa and Grandma for lunch! What a great day. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for this precious little peanut!