Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy 10/31...

...from the cutest little pink leopard you've ever seen!

And with the November calendars turning in the morning, we're very much looking forward to the upcoming holidays! Thanks to some Candy Land game pieces Everly had a great idea to make gingerbread men cookies! We're glad to be able to start celebrating the season with these yummy treats...and get a little messy along the way too!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Apparently fall turned into winter today (or maybe it's just actually feeling like fall should?)  I was okay with the 70s and 80s!  Well, yesterday some of the WTC moms made a wonderful outing to a pumpkin patch.  We found this little FREE gem and it was perfect for the kiddos!

Everly feeding hay to the goats in the animal 'barn'
Riding in the pumpkin train that never actually moved :)
The corn pit!


If you can't tell, she loved it!  I think she was the last kid to get out...and had to be convinced!

Cara was kind enough to give wagon rides!
Payton and Everly going pumpkin hunting

Everly and Emma on the big tire swing

The group picture :) Everyone fits!
We might have to make another visit if the weather warms up again! If not... next year!