Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Wrap

Our last few summer weeks can be summed up with... lots of outside fun! Here's our little beauty at the church camp. She loves to ride on these little animal guys!

Here she is giving Puppy (who she recently named Ralphie) a ride in the baby stroller. This is a popular request in our household... "Can I go outside and give Ralphie a ride?" She always is so careful to strap him in and and make sure they get to their 'destinations' safely...with a little off-roading along the way :)

Now to Iowa State Fair fun!

Everly and Daddy at the Big Bull!

Brave little girl down the BIG slide! She screamed and belly laughed the whole time we were sliding down.  When we stopped at the bottom she immediately asked if she could go again!

Giving Cici's picture at the Drake booth a flame thrower :)

We were in Omaha for an overnight visit and made a quick trip to the zoo...
Saying hello to the nice goat...
She's telling the goat to look at the camera and say cheese!
And maybe her favorite part of Omaha...swimming!  The water was freezing, and she shivered most of the time, but she didn't want to get out! She got good at jumping in off the edge to Mommy or Daddy too!