Saturday, April 7, 2012

My little dancer... or construction worker!

It seems Everly has been growing up so much in the last little while! She always has good topics for conversation, loves remembering and telling stories, is singing and learning news songs, starting to pretend more, sleeps soundly in a big girl bed... and is even going down the path of potty training!  She takes good care of her 'babies', but has loved every second of being outside and finding bugs to touch in this warm spring weather. She's really funny to me and among all of the new things she's discovering and enjoying, it seems that her favorites stretch to opposite ends of the pastime spectrum. She loves ballet and dancing and also loves big construction trucks and helicopters. There are new dance moves that come out of her little body daily and our eyes are peeled for construction sites whenever we're in the car and for helicopters overhead in the sky. She can't seem to get enough of both! Her two go-to books at the moment are exhibit A. She probably has a line or two memorized on each page of these books (as does Mommy from reading them so much!)

My outside loving girl...

 Ways to go down a slide

 Taking time to smell the flowers
And to help water

My favorite little dancer...
Tap shoes... she's a master shuffler and lovely noise maker :)
Here are more moves

Arabesques... 1- 2- 3

 Have a great Easter!