Friday, December 9, 2011

Birthday girl!

This is a bit late, but on Saturday Everly turned T-W-O! Everyone tells you time goes by quickly, and it's proved to be quite true since we've had Everly.  She is a blessing to be around and is learning so much every single day.  We are treasuring each moment and very proud of the big girl she's becoming!
On the big day we had some family over for lunch, cake, and present-time.  I think Everly's favorite part was blowing out candles!  She asked to do it again and again! Ever since Saturday, if anyone asks how her birthday was or what she did, she always answered that she 'blew the candles up!' She's not the biggest fan of cake and made sure to dissect the piece that she had.  I think next year I'll make a birthday brownie :)


Moving on a little...winter is here!  Not sure that needs an exclamation point.  Since birthdays are officially over we've embraced Christmas in our household.
Everly got a gingerbread house kit for her birthday and she's loved her new decorating project!  It's a fun, interactive way to enjoy the holidays.
First we had to mix up the frosting and set up the walls...
 Then decorating! Every day we've added something to the roof or the yard...
And our Christmas tree!  Everly was a good helper getting the lights out and finding all her ornaments.  She put all her favorites at eye level on the tree and visits them everyday.  She loves seeing the tree all lit up as she comes down the hallway after she wakes up.  Every time we come back from being away, the first thing she wants to do is turn on the tree!

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